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About MSA

Myanmar Shrimp Association (MSA) is active member association of Myanmar Fisheries Federation. MSA is the private, Non Profit Sharing Organization and Non Governmental Organization in Union of Myanmar. Myanmar Fisheries Federation (MFF) has other active member association, these are Myanmar Fish Farmer Association, Myanmar fisheries Products Processors and Exporter Association, Myanmar Aqua Feed Association, Myanmar Marine Fisheries Association, Myanmar Freshwater Capture Fisheries Association, Crab Entrepreneurs Association, Eel Entrepreneurs Association, Ornamental Fish Entrepreneurs Association. MSA has 859members, 34 are company and others are persons. Two Division / State Associations and one Township Association were formed in country. Who interested in doing business Shrimp industry in Myanmar, MSA could giving many information and helping your requisitions.

 Name of organization :  Myanmar Shrimp association
 Formed in Dated :  2004 May 4th
 Aim and objective :  (1) To distribute the latest information and technology for shrimp and Prawn culture
     (2) Participate in national shrimp culture projects
     (3) Upgrading the livelihood by doing shrimp culture
     (4) To organized the shrimp producers, companies, culturists and technicians in nation


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Myanmar Shrimp Association

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