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Hello! Everyone - Mingalabar,

It is indeed an honor to say a few words today the first of January, which marks the start of the New Year 2012 .

Wish you all the best and may this New Year brings you Prosperity and Good Health

As you all know Myanmar shrimp farming industry was at a standstill since 2003, besieged with worldwide financial crisis and with viral diseases. Revering fish stock according to one INGO study revealed that it went down 53% after Nargis. Capture fishery production cannot go above 60 million tons since 1988, (FAO, Fish stat, 2008b). Aquaculture outlook 2011 of Global Aquaculture Alliance at the Boston Seafood show revealed that Aquaculture production must double responsibly to feed the growing 9 Billion world population by 2050. The majority of the increase population will be the middle class population of China and India with considerable spending power.

Only 5 out of 18 companies are operation now in intensive shrimp culture operations. Trap and hold and extensive shrimp culture in Rakhine, Taninthari and Mon state yield 5 viss instead of the the 20 viss per acre production in 1978. Production of fresh water prawn is gaining momentum and the local demand is steadily increasing.

Myanmar with a long coastal line of 1760 miles is endowed with rich fauna and flora which some undoubted is diminishing from urbanization and human interventions not to mention the climate change that effect every one's lives.

With the new administration, we are witnessing many political changes and with timely economic reforms, Myanmar will surely play the important role of producing aquaculture products along with other nations to feed the growing human population as stipulated by FAO. Our 224,000 acres of brackish and seawater area with pristine quality seawater and 218,000 acre of freshwater fish pond area was not very productive only because of the deprivation of imputes which are counterproductive like for example the export taxes of 10%. Now this tax was reduced to 2% and this will have an great impact on the primary producers.

The timing is right as Myanmar will be opening up many deep sea ports and will be handling containers going to China and India. Before long we will have chance to send our product of live aquaculture products to China and many value added products to India. It was forecast by Global Aquaculture Alliance that China will start importing sea food by the end of 2011. The opportunity is there only if we plan wisely from now.

Many Nations although hit by virus? including the new Early mortality syndrome had come up with ways and means to have production and many are up on their tracts. (EMS, until now nobody knows if it is virus or bacteria although many groups are working in it. )

Shrimp prices globally and fresh water prawn price locally are at it peak now. There are big chances and challenges along for 2012 and the years to come and I would like to take this opportunity to request you all to work together to bring back life to the Shrimp Industry of Myanmar.

Thank you,
Soe Tun


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