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Welcome to Myanmar Shrimp Association

As you all know Myanmar shrimp farming industry was at a standstill since 2003, besieged with worldwide financial crisis and with viral diseases. Revering fish stock according to one INGO study revealed that it went down 53% after Nargis. Capture fishery production cannot go above 60 million tons since 1988, (FAO, Fish stat, 2008b). Aquaculture outlook 2011 of Global Aquaculture Alliance at the Boston Seafood show revealed that Aquaculture production must double responsibly to feed the growing 9 Billion world population by 2050. The majority of the increase population will be the middle class population of China and India with considerable spending power.

P.vannamei culture in Myanmar
P. vannamei culture started in Myanmar since 2006 and it's not developed because of Myanmar shrimp farmers like to do produce more

Latest News

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Latest News

Aonori Aquafarms A New Way to Farm Shrimp
Armando Leon, president and chief executive officer of Aonori Aquafarms, .... more

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